Trusting In YOU!

A Guided Meditation series

Facilitated by: Deb Holcomb, DSHomMedHomeopath &
     Jessica Trickett, MSSA Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysical Counselor

The Center on High
3208 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43202
Friday's at 6:45 p.m.
$5 at the door.
Held June 7, 14, 28
July 12, 19, 26 August 2, 9, 16
(614) 805-7933 Deb
(614) 407-3873 Jessica


Each meditation will begin promptly at 7 p.m. ending with a brief question and answer discussion. Please allow 45 minutes for the meditation.


*Are you constantly searching for answers to questions which focus on the deeper meaning of life?

*Do you feel as though you have exhausted every avenue in your personal search for true joy?

*Have you realized that something important is missing, however unable to define what seems misplaced?


Trust is a verb, meaning to take precious care as a form of action....but how?

The activity of opening up to simple observations can be a pivitol first step in remembering your inward awareness and knowing.

Building that 'INNER' knowing is how you build your unwavering trust within YOU.


Trusting in You! is a Friday evening guided meditation series to be held through the summer starting June 7 at 6:45 p.m. These guided meditations will support inward expansion towards your deepest wisdom by profoundly presenting alternative perspectives. With each meditation the mind will be offered an invitation by the heart to restore the original blueprint of divinity by surrendering its need for constant control.

This is what is meant by 'you can have only one Master', and that is within.


Deb and Jessica believe the whole of humanity rests within the heart of each individual. Through meditation, the mind is provided an invitation to surrender to the heart that which was never its responsibility. By strengthening the relationship within, limiting beliefs can dissolve and quality of life improved. Joy replaces control as the birth right it was intended..

Deb Holcomb, DSHomMed
Homeopath Empowering Better Health, LLC
As a classically trained and educated Homeopath with decades of experience, Deb Holcomb provides collaborative opportunities for strengthening and restoring homeostasis by taking into consideration the broader sum of personal experiences. With homeopathy, the whole of a person and the impressions of traumas specific to the individual are taken into account when selecting protocols and supplements to assist in rebuilding balance and vitality.
Homeopathy is gentle, effective and complimentary to all conventional and alternative forms of medical treatments. It is safe for babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. Homeopathy is also the second most commonly used form of medicine in the world, behind herbal medicine, with conventional Western or "allopathic" medicine fourth.
One great advantage over other forms of therapy is that Homeopathic remedies are chosen by the symptoms specific to the patient. A remedy can be found for conditions, regardless of whether a definitive medical diagnosis can be established or not. In conventional medicine, even with the finest modern methods of examination, the causes of many disorders are not readily found and, not finding a cause, the conventional doctor may not be able to offer adequate treatment. Such a deficiency may be addressed with homeopathy when a remedy protocol is made exclusively based upon the patient’s symptoms and unique needs.
Visit our website at: EmpoweringBetterHealth.ORG to contact us and learn how homeopathy can help.
Empowering Better Health, LLC is committed to the education of alternative therapies in the pursuit of better vitality, healthier lifestyles and greater quality of life.

Jessica Trickett, MSSA
Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysical Counselor
(614) 407-3873

Jessica is a Spiritual Teacher, Metaphysical Counselor, and Healer. With a unique synthesis of spiritual wisdom, therapeutic knowledge, and healing/energetic mastery, she offers her teachings and services to awaken, uplift, and empower others to embrace their intrinsic limitless potential.

Jessica holds a master's degree from Case Western Reserve University and has served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor. She has a variety of certifications in the healing modalities, including Karuna and Usui Reiki and Multi-Dimensional Healing Master Teacher. In addition, she holds two spiritual ordinations. She has been teaching, healing, and providing sessions for 12 years.

Jessica offers several services to support you on your path. Through Metaphysical Counseling, Transformational Coaching, Meditation Instruction, and Healing sessions, she will guide you and connect you to your true self. She will help you to chart the course to your highest potential and your most fulfilling life. That which is free, joyful, loving, peaceful, and easy.

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