Our Wellness Program offers a wide range of services tailored to meet all of your wellness needs. We are continually expanding and adding to our list of services. Check the events page for our wellness classes, workshops, and events.


If you are not sure what service to begin with, consider starting with our Wellness Assessment Consultation. You will meet with one of our trained wellness professionals who will guide you through the assessment process, offer suggestions, make recommendations, and referrals to fully support you on your path to wellness.



Our Supportive wellness Services:



 Wellness Assessment

Wellness Consultations

 Homeopathy Consultations

 Metaphysical Health Consultations


Metaphysical Counseling




Transformational Coaching

Parental Wellness Consultations 

Family Wellness Consultations

Supportive Services for children with sensitivities

Meditation Instruction


Spiritual Guidance Consultations


 Spiritual Unfoldment Consultations

Multi-Dimensional Healing



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