Jessica Noel, MSSA, RMT, MDMT, SC
Center for New Life, LLC

Jessica Noel is a Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Healer, and Energy Psychology Practitioner. With a unique synthesis of spiritual wisdom, therapeutic knowledge, and healing/energetic mastery, she offers her teachings and services to awaken, uplift, and empower others to embrace their fullest potential.

Jessica holds a master's degree from Case Western Reserve University and has served in a variety of clinical settings as a professional licensed counselor. She has a variety of certifications in the healing modalities, including Karuna and Usui Reiki, Zeb healing therapy, and is the founder of Multi-Dimensional Healing. In addition, she holds two spiritual ordinations. She has been teaching, counseling, healing, and providing sessions, groups, classes, and workshops for 14 years.

Jessica's clients say that their sessions with her bring insight, empowerment, clarity, healing, and a new and transformative perspective on their life's journey.

Jessica offers several services to support you on your path. Through transformational coaching, spiritual counseling, healing sessions, meditation instruction, and energy psychology sessions she will guide you and help you to embrace and connect with your true self. She will help you to chart the course to your highest potential and your most fulfilling life. That which is free, joyful, loving, peaceful, and easy.


Energy Psychology Sessions

Transformational Coaching

Life Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Unfoldment Consultations

Spiritual Guidance

Zeb Healing Therapy

Multi-Dimensional Healing


Meditation Instruction

Parental Wellness Consultations

Family Wellness Consultations

Wellness Assessments

*Offers telephone, video, and in person sessions

Contact Jessica:

(614) 407-3873

Deborah Holcomb, DSHomMed

Empowering Better Health, LLC

Deborah Holcomb is a homeopathic practitioner, writer and artist living in Columbus, OH.  A graduate of Classical Homeopathy from The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, she has been practicing homeopathy for over 15 years.  Deb welcomes In Person, Phone and Zoom Consultations and works in alliance with chiropractors, physicians and veterinarians across the United States.

Committed to educating those interested in empowering themselves towards better health, Deb provides perspectives surrounding responsible nutrition, vitamin / mineral supplementation, classical homeopathy and other treatment protocols beyond the limitations of western medical methodologies.

Homeopathic treatments are not intended to exclude western medicine ideology, however incorporating a targeted homeopathic treatment plan strives to provide options which can strengthen life enhancing results.  Further strengthening the immune system assists the body to rejuvenate and restore leaving an individual with a heightened overall sense of well being.



Homeopathy Consultations

 Supportive Supplemental / Nutritional Strategies

 Indigenous Wysdom Mentorship Program

Wellness Assessments

*Offers telephone, video, and in person sessions

Contact Deborah:

(614) 805-7933

Angelia Herrick, THCPRMT, MDM

Higher Realm Living

Angie has a range of certifications in healing including Theta Healing, Multi-Dimensional Healing, and Reiki.  Her services help others find spiritual upliftment, guidance, and unfoldment as well as health and healing through various Metaphysical techniques and practices.  She specializes in coaching and navigation for those on a Twin Flame Lightworker path and those who experience timeline jumping and/or multiple reality perceptions; both of which are her own personal journeys in this lifetime.

Angie has spent most of her life studying and interested in ancient and modern religions, their beliefs and practices, spirituality, psychic development, mediumship, consciousness and consciousness expansion, the paranormal, quantum physics, plant medicine, and genetics/epi-genetics in order to understand and learn to navigate her own sensitivities and expanded views of reality.


Through a lifetime of spiritual journey, travel to energy vortices and hotspots inside and outside of the United States, voracious study, and empath and channeling experiences, Angie has discovered what many Masters have taught.  That the ultimate Truth is we are all One. 


It is through this myriad of lifetime study and broad experiences that Angie’s perceptions of reality expanded to receive massive downloads of Light (information), perceive multiple dimensions and timelines for this reality, perceive the holographic nature of reality and the multi-verse itself.  It is with great pleasure that she offers her experience to assist her clients with their own personal navigation, healing, and spiritual unfoldment and development.




Theta Healing 

Multi-Dimensional Healing & Reiki Healing

Twin Flame Relationship Coaching/Navigation

Timeline/Multiple Reality Coaching/Navigation including Mandela Effect (ME) Assistance

Cleansing and Creating Spiritual Spaces and Décor

Spiritual Guidance 

Spiritual Wedding Ceremony Creation and Officiant

Wellness Assessments

*Offers telephone, video, and in person sessions

Contact Angelia:

(614) 819-3616

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