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zeb healing therapy


Zeb Therapy stands for Zero Energy Balancing and works through a biofield device called a Zeb. The device is held a few feet away from your body during the healing. This device works by harnessing scalar wave energy to generate low level infrared, Rife frequencies, and many other frequencies. These various frequencies can be utilized via vector settings to adjust the bio-plasma energy flow unique to your needs for the session. You will experience unique pleasant and relaxing feelings and many people experience physical sensations that are very tangible. The majority of people fall asleep or go into a deep relaxed meditative state.The Zeb can also be used to:

- Balance Chakras and energy meridians
- Break up energy blockages and energy cysts
- Balance the human biofield
- Perform biofield resonance therapy
- Stimulate cellular regeneration
- Perform low- level infrared energy work
- Work as a wellness adjunct to other therapy modalities
- Produce healing frequencies
- Promote stress reduction
- Heal animals

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