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Program development

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At The Center for New Life we offer supportive services within the global and local  communities through development of programs listed below. We believe that each of us holds unique and essential pieces of the puzzle to create a new local and global community. When these pieces are put together, we create the big picture. Together we can create a new world in which everyone thrives.

our branches:

Wellness & spiritual unfoldment Program:

*Wellness Assessment
*Homeopathy consultations

*Energy Psychology Sessions
*Spiritual Counseling
*Transformational Coaching 

*Life Coaching

*Spiritual Unfoldment Consultations
*Multi-Dimensional Healing

*Zeb Healing


*Theta Healing
*Meditation Instruction
*Parental Wellness Consultations 
*Family Wellness Consultations

*Classes, Groups, and Workshops

*Supportive Services for children with sensitivities 

*Classes and workshops for children with sensitivities

*Classes and workshops for children, parental education, and family wellness

*Initiation and meditation instruction

*Volunteer opportunities 

*Daily Reflection Emails

*Spiritual Retreats 

*Art Classes and other creative expression classes

Spiritual Community: Weekly groups and spiritual community


programs Coming Soon:


Eco-farming and sustainable living:
*Education and tours of the farm
*Eco-farming and Sustainable Living Retreats and Events 

*Sustainable Living Coaching
*A network of sister facilities worldwide


Global Outreach:

*Providing food, clean water, shelter, and medical aid. 


Do you believe you are in alignment with our mission and want to help or partner with us? 

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